Organized by APU School of Mathematics, Actuarial & Quantitative Studies (SoMAQS). The competition consists of 4 interactive games that will be compete via groups to encourage cooperation and collaboration skills among students. Each game contributes certain points which will accumulated throughout the competition. The groups scoring the highest accumulated points from the 4 games will be the winners of the competition.

Group participation with 2 students per group

This event has been postponed. For enquiry, please contact Mr Chee Seng (+60 12-227 6003) | [email protected]

MADFEST (Media, Arts and Design Festival)

Organized by the APU School of Media, Arts & Design (SoMAD). This festivals offers a wide range of exciting workshops and activities for students, providing a platform for students to explore and express creativity in various ways. The activities includes creative workshops, artwork displays, game competitions, industrial talks and more.

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