Imperium International College launches first-ever Imperium-ACCA Accounting Championship


Imperium International College is launching its first ever accounting championship for all 2021 SPM leavers. This championship is in partnership with ShiroEdu Services, a professional academic advisory and online learning platform provider.

The championship is divided into two parts, namely the Preliminary Round (Individual) and Final Round (Team-based). The preliminary round was carried out via an online quiz, consisting of only multiple-choice questions derived from accounting textbooks. 

The top 30 successful contestants from the preliminary round were invited to join an online workshop the following day, in which they were briefed on details of the final round and divided into groups.

The final round which will take place on May 21st (Saturday), will see teams compete through a Board Room Challenge. Contestants, acting as CFOs/Consultants/Advisors, will need to present their proposal to the Board of Directors for deliberation and approval. 

A Board of Directors meeting will be convened in a simulated Board Room to create a real-life scenario and contestants will be “challenged” by the Board members after their respective presentations. The final round scoring will be based on team performance, in which the team with the highest score will be crowned the winner. 

All participants will receive a Certificate of Participation and a tuition fee waiver voucher at Imperium International College. The top ten contestants in the final round will be awarded a Certificate of Achievement, cash prizes and tuition fee waiver vouchers as well. 

Contestants with the waiver vouchers will enjoy tuition fee deductions when they pursue any programme at Imperium International College. Students who are interested in Accountancy and ACCA professional accounting qualifications are encouraged to register for the respective courses at Imperium after the championship. 

As a Platinum Approved Learning Partner, Imperium International College does not only offer internationally recognised programmes and hands-on business skills, but also provides the “Study Now, Pay Later” 100% education loan scheme for students to embark on a professional career path.

The championship is sponsored by Imperium International College, an education subsidiary of MAA Group Berhad.

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