Peninsula College is proud to celebrate over two decades of tertiary education excellence.

Staying true to our motto -

Your Employability…Our Priority, Peninsula College’s faculty of academicians are there to equip our students with in-depth subject knowledge and also hands-on industrial experience.

At Peninsula College, we offer programmes ranging from certificate, diploma, degree and master across various majors such as logistics management, business studies, accountancy, computer science, e-business technology and travel and tourism.

Our core principles emphasise our students as capable individuals who are nurtured for the betterment of self, surroundings and society. Beyond classroom learning, our students are encouraged to organise activities and events that add value and contribute back to the community.

Our academic partners, the University of Plymouth and University of Gloucestershire, UK provide our students access to learning and ideas from a global perspective. Peninsula College is steadfast in our mission of providing a far-reaching and holistic learning environment.

Headquartered in Batu Kawan, Penang, Peninsula College’s educational infrastructure is designed with the campus-in-industry model, whereby having a physical presence in an industrial park puts us in a unique position to bridge the gap between graduate skills and industry needs via academia-industry collaboration. Our other 2 campuses, The Lighthouse Campus in Shah Alam and The City Campus in Klang are also designed to encourage learning in a real world corporate environment.



With higher education, you can unleash your full potential!
Greater employment and financial opportunities.
The opportunity to pursue a passion.
Improvements in networking and communication.

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We put our highest priority in addressing students’ needs by providing high quality, professional and ethical services to our students and partner institutions because what we do touches real people, real businesses and real lives.